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Our commitment to our customers on charging is simple:-

Our Charges are fully transparent, there will be NO hidden extras!


Our Charges

Labour Charges – First Hour                      £79.99 + vat   (£95.98)

Reduce Hour Labour Rates at:  15 mins    £12.50 + vat   (£15.00)

30 mins            £25.00 + vat  (£30.00)

60 mins            £50.00 + vat  (£60.00)

Out of hours – Call out First Hour       £104.99 +vat   (£125.98)

Plus Engineer Labour Rates at 30 mins     £37.50 + vat   (£45.00)


Hourly Charges

When we have not agreed a fixed price for a service we provide then we shall charge work undertaken on an Hourly rate basis. The hourly rate charge will include a minimum of 1 hour for all jobs at the “First Hour” rate. After the first hour work will be charged at 15 mins increments at the reduced hourly rate.

Gas Appliances

Wall mounted Boiler Service Annual Contract    £79.99 + vat    (£95.98)

Floor Standing Boiler Service Annual Contract  £79.99 + vat    (£95.98)

Fire & Back Boiler Service                                     £99.99 + vat    (£119.98)

Land Lords Gas Safety Check (Boiler only)        £79.99 + vat    (£95.98)

Land Lords Gas Safety & Boiler Service             £129.99 + vat (£155.98)

Install Gas Cooker to an existing point               £79.99 + vat    (£95.98)
                                                                               White Install White Goods to an existing point             £79.99 + vat    (£95.98)

Example 1

If we arrived on a job a 1:00pm and leave the job at 2.20pm then the charge would be:
1 x First Hour Rate + ½ Hours at Reduced Hourly rate.

Example 2

If we arrive on a job at 11:00am and leave the job at 11:45am then the charge would be:
1 x First Hour Rate

Example 3

If we arrived at a job at 10:00am and leave the job at 12:10pm then the charge would be:
1 x First Hour Rate + 1¼ Hours at Reduced Hourly rate

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