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In business since 1984

About US

Since 1984


PURR is the new EMS “Kitten” !


PURR HOME SERVICES is the dedicated Domestic Division of the EMS Group which is bringing the EMS Expertise, Experience and Quality of Service to the Domestic Market. Purr’s key objective is to deliver a high standard of Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Services to your home at fantastic value with the backup and peace of mind that a large Company can offer.

EMS have been serving the local community with high quality Heating, Plumbing & Electrical Services for over 35 years. With its exceptional dedication to Quality & Service, the Company’s growth has been impressive and today it boasts a large workforce based in a new bespoke office at the Briar Close Business Park. EMS are renowned for their Expertise, Experience and Quality of Service in the Commercial and Contract Market, at the same time serving the local Domestic Community. Inspired by their success, EMS is now placing significant investment into its future growth through the launch of its new Domestic Services Brand – PURR.

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